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Discover the Path to Clarity and Vitality with


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Ready to step out of the fog of confusion and reignite your energy? The Wellness Goddess course is your key to a balanced, rejuvenated, and energetic life, even amidst a demanding professional world

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I often hear from women in high-pressure professions who feel overwhelmed and energetically drained. They share frustrations like, 'I'm feeling burnt out,' and 'I long to feel energetic and ignite more inner peace and balance despite my hectic schedule.

If this resonates with you, Wellness Goddess is your gateway to transformation. This self-paced course is specially designed for the busy woman, guiding you from burnout to rejuvenation, balance, and unwavering energy
I am Ready To Rise!

How do I know what you are feeling?


Because I have been that woman who has been burned out and chaotic because of all she had to juggle! Being a 6-figure business owner, professional dancer, and mama, what else do you expect? Then I started my journey of Ayurveda, Vedanta, yoga, psychology and shamanism, gaining numerous intensive trainings and learnings. I cracked the code of doing it all and still being balanced and nourished. My years of expertise and experiential wisdom in holistic wellness are presented to you on a platter in these simple yet effective 8 modules. Tailored to help you achieve clarity and vitality without sacrificing your professional commitments.

Calm & Balanced State You Are Waiting For

Realign, Refresh & Reignite
Redefine and focus your goals, aligning them with your true self for a clearer, more directed path.
Femme Routines Foundation
RedefiLearn to integrate empowering morning and night routines that fit into your busy schedule, fueling your days and nights.
Power of Breath & Intention
Master quick, effective breathwork techniques to reset your energy and focus during a hectic day.
Navigate Fear of Failure
Master quick, effective breathwork techniques to reset your energy and focus during a hectic day.
Clearing energetic Channels & intuition:
Use simple yet powerful practices to clear mental fog and boost creativity, enhancing decision-making and problem-solving.
Calm & Focused Mind
Develop strategies to maintain emotional resilience, helping you to stay composed and effective under pressure.
Bonus Offering 1
4 fierce soul activating masterclasses to help you slay your goals & unlock your feminine magnetism.
Bonus Offering 2
 5 x Curated MeditationsMeditation sessions aligned with each module to accelerate growth and transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Picture yourself waking up each day feeling energized and focused, ready to tackle your professional challenges with a renewed sense of purpose. Imagine ending your day feeling accomplished and balanced, not burnt out. This is the transformation Wellness Goddess offers

  to transform your professional and personal life with renewed energy and balance? Enroll in the Wellness Goddess course now and start your journey towards a more fulfilling, energetic, and balanced life!

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I am an intuitive coach and trained vedic counsellor.I will help you fall in love with life and live it to its full potential. A deep sense of knowing that will hold you through the ups and downs of this world.

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